The Plan

When it comes to reaching people with the gospel, we believe there is no better plan than God’s plan of the local church. Our goal is to be an active catalyst in the planting of local church across Taiwan. Our plan is centered around three keys: REACH – TEACH – PLANT


Using intuitive evangelism structure and methods, we plan to reach the communities through a series of both proven and new outreach ideas. Most will be family centered mentor ship programs which will help establish us in the community and help us build relationships as foreigners.

  • Tesol for children outreach uses the Bible as a textbook to teach English and Biblical truth
  • Basketball league outreach uses team building and personal contact to develop trust
  • Parenting courses outreach helps reach young families who are unsure about developing successful children and parenting skills. This is a very culturally relevant area the Bible has much to say on.
  • Financial legacy planning courses outreach helps use Biblical stewardship principles to help successful young and senior adults learn how to live and end life well.


Spiritual multiplication is the goal of our discipleship structure. Our goals are to help new believers understand their personal involvement in reaching their lost culture and give them the tools and opportunities to practice what they learn as early as possible, capitalizing on the freshness of the commitment to Christ. Using already proven materials developed by missionaries on mainland China, we will seek to personally train others to be trainers or trainers.

  • 1-2-1 witness prep discipleship is discipleship centered on multiplication while equipping new believer to be soul winners from the very beginning.
  • Strategic spiritual formation is a goal oriented discipleship with measurable checkpoints that can be used with those still seeking Christ and those already saved.
    • in 8 meetings the average disciple is grounded and witnessing
    • in 16 meetings…in the churchbaptized, and daily in the Word
    • in 20 meetings…trusted with their own disciple earlier for existing Christians
    • in 33 meetings…a foundation in 120 Biblical subjects and their own disciples


Our goal is to help plant biblically sound, missional churches whose goal from inception is multiplication and new church plants. Historically, churches have not transitioned to national leadership and the longer the church exists the likeliness of transition plummets. Our goal will be to start quickly and train quickly in an effort to get the church self sustaining and self governing as quickly as possible.

  • Short cycle church planting is a quick approach to leadership transition that starts with leadership already committed. Like Paul’s example, continual theological training and exhortation continues after the national pastor and leadership team is in place and consistently practicing what they have already learned.
  • Network planting fellowships help coordinate each church to work together and fellowship together helping to create and encourage community and neighborhood churches which is consistent with existent Chinese community and social structures.
  • Bi-vocational mentorship helps keep pastoral leadership in place while the churches are growing and in their infancy by training leadership to continue working while balancing ministry among their congregations. While full time Christian service is the goal of each shepherd, the typical structure for pastors is mostly a bi-vocational lifestyle.