Bill Bales, Sonshine Baptist Church

Dear Pastor,

Through the years I have read many recommendations from Pastors and Churches that were the sending ministry for a new missionary, or missionary couple. In my heart I prayed that one day the Lord would see fit to give us that same privilege. Well, God has answered my prayer and is allowing us to be the sending ministry of a couple of His chosen servants.

Corey and Jessica Kershner are one of the finest young couples I have been around. Their desire to serve the Lord is without question. Over the last three years they have been involved in all aspects of the ministry. They worked in our children’s ministry, including AWANA, and Sunday school. They started an adult class, and have been involved in the music. They also facilitated the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace classes that were held. They have had a willing spirit in whatever was asked of them. They have honored this ministry, and most of all, they honor the Lord.

As they go to the field of Taiwan I believe that God is going to use them in a great way to reach those people.

It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Corey and Jessica Kershner to you.

Your servant in Christ,
William K. Bales

Dennis Jennings, Cherry Street Baptist Church

Dear Pastors and Missionary Supporters,

I want to recommend Corey and Jessica Kershner to you for consideration for support as missionaries to Taiwan. I have been privileged to watch them grow up serving the Lord since they were small children in the church I pastored in St. Petersburg, Florida. Later it was my joy to be their pastor during their time at Baptist Bible College. They faithfully served in our ministry at Cherry Street Baptist Church.

It is a wonderful thing when God puts His hand upon a young couple for the work of the ministry. It is most exciting to see them respond and serve, blooming everywhere they have been planted, all the while keeping their focus on their missionary calling.

I can, without reservation, recommend this dear couple to you. They will be a blessing to your church, an asset to your missions endeavors, and faithful workers on the field.

Please contact me if you have any questions about the Kershners.

John McCall, Southeast Asia

It is my privilege to recommend Rev. & Mrs. Corey Kershner for support as they follow God’s calling to the field of Taiwan. Corey and Jessica have an excellent knowledge of scripture and are well trained having done their internship under Dr. Bill Bales, senior pastor of Sonshine Baptist Church, Port Charlotte, Florida.

Corey is an outstanding speaker and has a commanding presence in the pulpit. They are an impressive team with spiritual gifts that definitely qualify them to do missionary work. His ability in computer technology will be vital to them on the field. Jessica is a gifted musician whose talents lie in her ability to play the piano and instruct others.

The Kershner’s are burdened to get to the field of Taiwan and have an outstanding presentation to share with churches across the country. I would urge every pastor to schedule this young couple; they will truly be a blessing to your congregation.

Steve Brown, Church Planter

It’s with great confidence and joy that I write this recommendation for the Kershners, Missionaries to Taiwan, whom we have had a partnership with from their beginning. This young couple displays a wonderful work ethic and love for the country that the Lord has called them to. Having come out of two strong mission minded churches and an internship with Pastor Bill Bales of Port Charlotte, Florida, I have complete confidence that they will do a great work of ministry there. While speaking at our church, Corey and Jessica were able to convey and express their burden for this needy people. Pastor, will you not consider supporting this young family? Only heaven will reveal the fruit of eternity.

Dan Jeffers, Park Street Baptist Church

Dear Pastors,

It is a great honor to recommend to you Corey and Jessica Kershner as missionaries to the field of Taiwan. Corey and Jessica grew up at Park Street Baptist Church and while they were here, they were greatly involved in ministry. They both have exemplary testimonies and I believe they will do a tremendous job on the mission field. They are certainly worthy of your support.

Jon Flowers, Serving in Taiwan

It is my privilege to write a few words of recommendation for our friends Corey and Jessica Kershner. In a time when many are apathetic concerning the work of the Lord, it is always refreshing to see a couple like Corey and Jessica who are committed to the Lord and His work.

It was a blessing to have them come and visit us in Taiwan. During their time in Taiwan, we very quickly noticed their servant spirit, and we watched as God increased their burden for the Taiwanese people. It is evident in the time you are around them that they are people with character, a heart for God, and a burden for souls.

I can assure you, you’ll not want to miss out on standing with this couple in the work the Lord has called them to do. I believe God is going to use them in a great way.

J Dale Hardy, Sonshine Baptist Church

I first met Corey and Jessica when they were in their teens at youth camp. They served as young people at that camp using their talents to be a blessing to others and glorify God. From that time years ago until now I have had the opportunity to witness their growth and continued service to the Lord. Cory and Jessica are creative and disciplined and will sacrifice to get the job done. I highly recommend the Kershners. Lighthouse will support them financially and prayerfully and I encourage you to consider doing likewise.